Somaliland over run Sanaag captured Puntland Lawmaker with his guards

Somalia’s northern semi-autonomous region of Somaliland said on Wednesday it will put a captured Puntland state lawmaker on trail in the coming weeks.

Col Salah Hersi , the army chief of Somaliland, confirm that   his milia  have captured 10 soldiers as prisoners of war from Puntland during a battle at Dahar area in Sanaag region.

“Somaliland judiciary is planning to put 10 Puntland soldiers and a lawmaker seized in Sanaag combat on trail in the coming few weeks,” Col Hersi said.

Somaliland troops captured a member of Puntland parliament Mohamed Farah Aden known as (An-jeh), along with five security guards as he was returning to his home in Sanaag region on Monday.

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