Somaliland: Failed project?

Somaliland is part of Somalia known as the north Somalia. Before, 1960’s Somalia was under the colony of two powers, British Empire and Italy; they divided the country into two. The north part was known British Somaliland and the south, Italian Somaliland that is how the name of Somaliland came into existence.
After the disintegration and the broke out of the civil war in 1991 in Somalia, some regions recognized the need to reorganize them and create law and order in their respective areas including north Somalia.

As a result of that the founders of Somaliland administration had dreamed that since there was no central government if they could manage their affairs very well, the world will recognize them as an independent country, not knowing that it was a complicated project and they did not a have right to do without the consent of other Somali citizens.

In pursuing their goals they tried whatever they thought would help them to become an independent country whether it is moral or immoral , they never based their dream on Islamic values, Somali culture and other civilized norms in this world. They prosecuted and deported their vulnerable follow Somalis as illegal immigrants.

In the process of looking independence they met humiliations by gate crashing many international forums or send letters to foreign leaders who does not know them, but so far in vain.

After 27 years of independence claiming, what Somaliland has achieved?

No individual basic liberty

There is no well functioning judiciary or the police have all the powers to arrest anyone without a reason, people cannot express their views freely that is if you tell different opinion than what the regime believes, you will be arrested.

Even if your name matches with the presidents name, that is a criminal act as it happened to a man who was arrested and he spent so many weeks behind the bars because his name is Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo, it is ridiculous.

There is another incident whereby a musician is arrested and denied to perform because her dress color is blue, like the Somalia national flag color and she was accused that she is pro Somalia.

The latest is Abdimalik Oldoon a freelance journalist who was arrested and sentenced into two years jail when he came back from Mogadishu where he attended the inaugural ceremony of Somalia president Mr Mohamed Abdillahi Farmajo, even the worst dictators don’t behave like that.

What has caused all these fears and hatred, all Somalis has suffered in some way under the former Somalia strong man Mohamed Siyad Bare and it happens all over the world, if you read the history of Kenya some tribes were gathered together and burned alive and now the country has moved forward that is a history no looking back. I believe the so called politicians are exaggerating what happened in Hargeisa to get support from the innocent population and bargaining power.

Puppet administration

Ethiopia is the supreme ruler of the administration, the local politicians believe in, without Ethiopia they cannot exist and it is given free access to the ports and anywhere they want, that is why they always show how much they love Ethiopia.

Illegal agreements

They always sign unfair contracts with some regional countries because they don’t have the capacity, skills, experience and legality to make such arrangements and that results chaos and back clashes. Any agreement with a foreign country is not valid or it is null and void, that is the business of the legitimate government of Somalia in Mogadishu.

Somali phobia and misinformation.

They have no development projects to create work opportunities for the immigrating young people who are dying in numbers everyday on the international oceans, instead they always focus to fabricate propaganda to keep the people as hostages for their selfish interests and show the people that their first enemy is Somalia which is not true.

in union there is a strength
Their leaders are confused and they want the people to remain confused with no direction, they provide nothing other than chewing the green grass (Khat) and making senseless noise at everywhere, I wish they should focus to serve the people and stop pleasing those who cannot do anything for them.

The autonomous region of Somaliland has become the only remaining market for the KHAT the dangerous drug, Ethiopia and Kenya are the main beneficiaries of this trade while the local people suffer the economical and the psychological side effect of this drug.

Written by Mohamed Ali

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