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Somaliland administration involved in Somalia “electoral process” Somaliland politicians do not support the electoral model of Somalia.  Somaliland government   claimed it had an input in the election of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud in September 2012. Last month Chairman of UCID Party, Faisal Ali Waraabe, vowed to play a constructive role in the forthcoming Somalia elections to influence the outcome to “elect leaders who genuinely  believe in the Somali cause“. Last week,  when he returned to Hargeisa from a visit abroad, he told his supporters that he opposed “the creation of an Upper House for Somalia.”

Why is the leader of a Somaliland opposition party who is contesting Somaliland presidential elections next year interfering in the politics of a “country” whose president cannot visit Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland?

Mr Waraabe may be privy to information about Somaliland government’s role in Somalia elections. Had a Somaliland government spokesman made a vow similar to Waraabe’s,  the ruling party, Kulmiye, would face accusations for sell-out.
“4 states have completed Senate elections. 65% of Upper House now chosen. 23% women so far. HirShabelle & SL next” tweeted  Michael Keating, Special Representative for the Secretary General.  Recently at the UN headquarters in New York Mr Keating said ” the issue of Somaliland’s representation in the Somalia electoral model came up.

In London Somaliland Minster for  Foreign Affairs, Dr Saad Ali  Shire,   launched a diplomatic  offensive against the union with Somalia. “I think Brexit will make it much easier for the British government to make up its mind” Dr Shire told the Guardian.  British Foreign office spokesman said “it is for Somalia and Somaliland to decide their future, and for regional neighbours to take the lead in recognising any new arrangements.”

Twenty years have passed since Somaliland unilaterally broke away from Somalia. No county has recognised Somaliland to date. Talks between Somaliland and Somali Federal Government held in UK and Turkey have not produced an outcome palatable to Somaliland. In his speech,  Mr Waraabe said the international community “views Somaliland as one of Somalia’s federal states”. The days of keeping Somalilanders in the dark about their leaders’ underhand dealings with Mogadishu may be numbered.


Liban Ahmad

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