Somaliland accused of invading Khatumo territory

The Somalia’s northern regional state of Khatumo has accused the self-declared breakaway of Somaliland military of invading its territory.

Ahmed Hajji Ali, the information minister of Khamuto state said Somaliland troops have attacked several towns in Sool region, including Widh Widh and Egaa.

“Somaliland forces in pick-ups mounted with loudspeakers are telling residents in Sool region to forcefully take part upcoming presidential elections,” Ali added.

He said Somaliland wants to gain international recognition in  staging a forceful election, in which the Hargeisa administration termed to be free and fair election.

Sool region in northern Somalia has been scene of clashes between Somaliland and Khatumo state forces who are fighting for the control of the  disputed territory.

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