Somalia:Work with your Government instead of conspiring with kenya to topple government' * somalia, World News and Opinion.
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Somalia:Work with your Government instead of conspiring with kenya to topple government’

The somali government says it is ready to work with opposition politicians from the betterment of the country.

Through the Information Minister Dahir Mohamud Gulleh,   the Federal Government of Somalia said  they welcomed positive criticism from the opposition and other stakeholders,.

The Minister was reacting to reports that a section of opposition leaders had convened in Nairobi with the aim of keeping the government on its toes.

The Nairobi meeting was highly critical of President Mohamed Farmajo, and drew participation from former ministers and lawmakers.

At the end of the meeting, the participants demanded for among others, the reshuffle of the current cabinet to enhance efficiency.

They also demanded for  the commencement of the constitutional review process , economic and politic al stabilization of the country .

The Information Minister said “the government is always trying to unite the people. We therefore urge politicians to stop  negative criticism”.

He urged the opposition leaders to corporate with the government to help the country through the healing process.

Somalis in all over the world could not believe Why Kenya is now giving venue to the Somalia opposition groups since we know it had earlier pledged not to allow them to conduct meetings in Kenya? Why is the turnaround? Is it because they are doing Kenya’s bidding for a concession to the maritime dispute with Somalia? You bet the oppositions are traitors

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