Somalia:Was somali leader right to forgive alshabab leader should he repent? who oppose President Hassan were angered by his remarks that Alshabaab leaders will be pardoned if they stop what they do.

The president said so
in a discussion programme which was live on Universal TV last night. The
president said the government will even pardon the top most leader of Alshabaab
Mukhtar Abdirahman Abuzubayr also known as Ahmed Abdi Godane. Many audiences
were asking questions directly to the president. The president gave Alshabaab
the opportunity to forgo their jihadist struggle.

But analysts say the president’s remarks are part and parcel of the failure of the government and
AMISOM in defeating Alshabaab. Alshabaab have attacked a place called Mpeketoni
in Kenya the very time the President was live on that programme and killed at
least 48 people.

Politicians perceive that the president is deviating from the constitution and the people’s interest
as Alshabaab is distinguished as a group that doesn’t recognize the Federal
Government and the borders of Kenya. Analysts say the president was quick to
pardon the leaders of Alshabaab as he cannot personally do so and that he swerved
from the National Judicial System.

Analysts claim that the Federal Government takes a lot of time to decide the fate of Sheikh Hassan
Dahir Aweys who is in its detention for almost a year now. Also, the government
doesn’t have a firm stand on the fate of the leader of Alshabaab’s Galgala Wing
who surrendered himself to it a week ago. Also, the Minister for Information
Mustaf Sheikh Dhuxulow says the Government will welcome any other Alshabaab
leaders who would like to surrender.

Alshabaab have not commented on the political heat that arose from President Hassan’s comment but
it is not expected for them to be happy about it. They have even said that in
their attack at Villa Somalia, they were intending to kill or capture the
president alive.

All in all, the ambition of the president and that of Alshabaab are so different that it is unlikely
for them to come together at the negotiation table.  More on dalsanradio,com