Somalia:This man has been tortured in Hargeisa,Somaliland for being Ogadenian , Somaliland – A 23-year-old young man was apprehended in South Hargeisa district of Jama wayne on April 26, 2014 after allegedly accused of being a member of Ogaden National Liberation Front or ONLF sympathizer by the security of Somaliland Administration. The young man, Mohammed Sheik Ahmed aka Mo’alin Biliq was on two weeks visit on his mother’s uncle who hails from that area.
“They ( the Security police) started beating him with clubs. When he fell down and the people in the area congregated, the security officer leading the assailants shouted that this man was a terrorist from the Ogaden and started throwing stones at him”, said Mr. Ahmed’s family,who declined to be named for their security concerns.
The crowd took a cue from his action and soon a crowd of about fifty people started stoning the victim. Mr. Ahmed endured hours of beating before he became unconscious .
“After he was mutilated and became unconscious, the security threw him on the Toyota pick up and took him to an unknown destination. Mr M. Ahmed was visiting his uncle on his mother’s side who hail from that area”, added his family.
The fate of the victim left unknown whether he died, extradited to Ethiopia as usual or in a jail only the Somaliland Police could confirm, according to Ahmed’s family.
Somaliland shares Somalis from Ogaden region, like any other Somali speaking inhabitants, language, culture, ethnicity, religion and even border, but favored Ethiopia over Ogadenis and has been repeatedly handing over Somalis From Ogaden region to Ethiopian Security forces over the past 10 years, that have been detained, tortured, executed in this way or coerced into confessing or naming family members accused of supporting the Liberation movement, The Ogaden National Liberation Front, who were in return arrested, tortured and killed.
“This is an inhumane act that is against Somali culture, Muslim values and international human rights. The Somaliland administration, which touts itself in front of the international community as a viable state that respects the rule of law and respects the rights of civilians is continually violating the rights of Somali people from the Ogaden,who share with the people in that area blood ties, common religion, culture and economy in deference to the Ethiopian criminal regime, which has instructed the warlords in Somalia to hand over to Ethiopia all that hail from the Ogaden clan to Ethiopia,” said Amina Abdi ,the Secretary of Justice for Ogaden
“The Somaliland administration are requested without much response up-to now to give medical treatment and release him urgently. Moreover, the continuing violations of the Human Rights of Ogaden in Somaliland continues and may create dire consequences between the two communities, which share long border and economic ties, unless the wayward administration takes effective action to remedy the situation”, said Ms. Abdi.