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somalia:The Ramification of Somali Politics Somali leaders are influenced by western governments or leaders from developed countries, What makes it difficult for Somali leader  is, if they don’t go with what our “masters or donors” say, their position becomes untenable (what happened in Libya is typical example).  

However, if there is unity, trust and better communication amongst our leaders and the nation as a whole, with nation building at the forefront of our thinking, then it will be difficult for someone to come in influence us so easily. Until we can start making our own independent decisions as to which direction Somalia goes, getting rid of problems of corruption, unaccountability etc. would be extremely difficult if not impossible.

Somalia is not a hole of any kind. It is a country that can survive 24 years without a government or a national army. we are impressively resilient people. The conflict is an international issue from the outset. Somalia’s political problem is not currently in the hands of Somali people, International Interventions from various actors with conflicting interests are involved.

Including UN, IGAD, AU, EU…parallel to these higher level interventions….there is also clear violations from Somali enemies of neighboring countries like Ethiopia and Kenya….they got a chance to pretend/hide their cold wars in the framework of help and support though Amisom framework.

The International Community will never ever deliver any promises that had been proved by their endless Promises that they had been making over last few decades toward Somalia. Somalia will never have transparency and accountability in their financial sectors, so long there are powerful independent banks, money laundering remittance service providers, and incompetent so autonomous states have much more powerful and willingly unyielding to achieve tribal agenda based on tribal Federalism. A part from Somaliland The two functioning autonomous states Puntland and Jubaland hails  from same ethnic this will  lead the nation into further disintegration.

Recently Somali government formed two controversial states such as   south west state and Gal-Mudug,   these two states based on clan systems without considering the need of the people and this will further ruin the country into deep trouble, the federal Somali government still considering another state which it will be the last state to form and many political analysts indicate that middle Shebelle and Hiiraan region combined together will form another state, according to  the complexities of Somali politics, Somalia will never  have working Federal States based on clan territories because pigs will never be likely to fly to the sky and the situation might remain pigs might- fly.

Without implementing supremacy clauses interpreting Somalia Federal Constitution, it is never possible to create functioning federal democracy. Frankly, Tribal led Federal Mini States controlling everything their soul, they are not willing to pay taxes, share resources, or defend the nation, Somalia Democratic Republic will never have a God- Father nation that saves from ruins and disappearance, but should rely on competence, patience, and resources to defend their sovereignty from others.

The only problem with Somalia and Somali people in Somalia is all about the clans, no more no less. and that is why we have problems with every new president in Somalia, Every president will support his clan, fight for his clan, most of Somali people 90% of them they believe more about clans than the religion of Islam.

the international community with the help of the weak Somali government have so far achieved to form  a controversial clan based federal states I don’t know whether it’s fortunate or not Because of so many clans in Somalia, that is why the Somalia fighting will never end no matter what, today we have 1000 presidents and 1000 of flags and borders in Somalia because of hate from clans to clans, no any president or Prime Minster of Somalia will tell you the truth that the problem is because of clans, just try to  ask any of them, they will always say no we have problem with Al-Qaida and Al-Shabab.

The Somali government must stop clan fighting’s in lower Shebelle and south central Somalia without making any favoritism otherwise Somalia will never be in peace and the ramification of Somali politics will continue further. Somalia does not need corrupt governments, not at all, Somalia needs the Somalis, Currently Somalia are mentally lost in European and north America jungles.

Finally, What we need is competent leadership starting with president to the  police patrolling the streets, and the Somali people should start trusting each other, with nation building at the forefront of our thinking, then it will be difficult for someone to come in influence us so easily.

Until we can start making our own independent decisions and trust each other  as to which direction Somalia goes on, we can reach our goals through unity, trust and better communication amongst our leaders, we should support our head of states & cooperate with them and stop finger pointing all the time and that way we only loosing time and confidence.

Isak Abdi Abdulahi


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