Somalia: State Minister for Foreign Affair Burci Hamza Appreciates Ethiopia’s AMISOM Role State Minister for Foreign Affairs Burci Mohamed Hamza met with the Ethiopian ambassador to Somalia Wondimu Asaminew.The two leaders discussed matters pertaining to the two country’s ties. Burci thanked

the Ethiopian government of hosting Somali refugees who fled to Ethiopia during

the civil war. He also thanked the Ethiopian government for its troops who are in

AMISOM and the support they provide to the Somali troops. The state minister called

for all foreign embassies in the country to obey what is known as the Diplomatic

Channel, which means people arriving in the country should pass through the Ministry

for Foreign Affairs. On his end, the Ethiopian ambassador Wondimu Asaminew explained the support his government

gives to the Somali Government. He also pledged that his government and people will

liaise with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Somali Government.