Somalia:Somali Deportees from Kenya Joined Al-shaab  Al-shabaab said they have gotten support from young men who were deported from Kenya. They said that they have started training 20 young men who were recently deported by the Kenyan authorities to Mogadishu.     

The militants say they have started training them in one of
their training camps which no one knows their location. They also said that at
start of the training the head of the propagation of Al-shabaab Fuaad Mohamed Khalaf
(Fuaad Shongole) read a speech. Fuaad encouraged the young men to take part in
the revenge against the Kenyan government whom they accused of mistreating the
Somalis who live in Nairobi’s Eastleigh Estate. 
 However, there are no independent sources who can confirm
whether Al-shabaab started training deportees from Kenya