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Somalia:Sierra Leone and Ethiopian troops to replace Kenyan Forces in Kismayo

Ethiopian forces who have recently joined into the African Union Mission in Somalia [AMISOM] and the Sierra Leone Army will replace the Kenyan Forces in Kismayo. According to a spokesman for the Kenyan army in Somalia Col Wesonga, the Kenyan army will start vacating Somalia’s port town of Kismayo.The port town which was once a funding source for Al Shabab and now run by local militia will be under joint forces from Ethiopia and Sierra Leone.Many of Somalia people living in Jubba regions have been repeatedky alleging the Kenyan Army for human rights abuses including mass killing against civilians and siding with local militias who have opposed the country’s government.In an agreement in Addis Ababa on last September, Somalia government and the interim Jubba administration of Jubba signed to hand over the management of Kismayo seaport and airport to the government.

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