somalia:Suicide bomber strikes Bulaburte Hotel

Car bomb in Bulaburte the former stronghold of Al-Shabaab militant group has killed ten people while wounding scores of other people.


Among those killed is Colonel Mohamed Amin who is the Somali National Army commander in Hiran sector, four Somali National Army soldiers and three Djibouti AMISOM forces.


According to Somali National Army officials in the area scores of Al-Shabaab militants were also killed in a gunfight.

The car bomb was targeted at a hotel in the town which was used by the AMISOM and Somali National Army troops followed by heavy gunfight between the troops and the militants.


Djibouti AMISOM forces and Somali National Army captured Bulaburte town which is 210 KM north of the capital Mogadishu from the Al-Shabaab militant group which controlled the area for the past seven years.


The group has lost key strategic areas since AMISOM and Somali forces launched offensive against the group early this month.