Somalia:Security Sector Reform in Somalia: A Disaster in the Making

Since the government affairs are ongoing concern, the administration of President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo elected on February 8, 2017 inherited the responsibility of tackling right away all the challenges facing the country, primarily the thorny issues left behind by former administrations. But, after 17 months in power, the performance of President Farmajo’s administration depressed public expectation for lack of meaningful progress. Few of the many cases that stunned the International Community and the Somali well-wishers, are the appointments of inexperienced loyalists to high public service positions, the feeble “leadership presence” at times of leadership crisis, use of violence, intimidation, and verbal abuses against critics and opponents, recreation of autocratic state model, and resistance to course correction of political failures.

People are bewildered by the President’s complete U-turn from his popular electoral positions and relapse to failed leadership style, he vehemently criticized before his election.  President’s volte-face reinforces the deepening public cynicism that only bold faced lies and flattery are marketable at the Somali political market. Valuable words like conflict resolution, ownership, reconciliation, inclusion, trust, integrity, good governance, justice, rule of law, and democracy, are used just for demagoguery.

The UN Security Council and other international bodies are alarmed to the point of expressing concern about the political unity and stability of Somalia. Emerging signals indicate that the federal government is losing steadiness and nervously seeking political backing in exchange for concessions detrimental to the sovereignty, independence, and social cohesion of the country.

State Media, Social Media hires, religious groups, and artists are mobilized to woo public support for the federal government. Internationally, using public funds, the federal government hired US lobby firm BGR of Messrs. Ed Rogers and Haley Barbour to gain the lost support of US Administration.


Security Sector Reform 2017-2021

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