Somalia’s Super Cup match to go before int’l audience

The much-anticipated super Cup match in Somalia is slated for Thursday
24th of December 2015 and will be put before international audience by the
London-based Universal TV and the State-owned Television [SNTV].

The supper cup is normally played between the National league winners and
the winners of General Da’ud Cup. This means that the Police-owned
Football Club [Heegan] who are the defending champions will take on the
military side [Horseed] who lifted the General Da’ud Cup after beating
Heegan 2-1 in the final match last Thursday.

SNTV and Universal are the most-watched Somali TVs and with Universal TV
joining hands with Somali FA, the super cup match is expected that
millions more in-home TV viewers will watch it from their homes across the

“The Somali National TV was already in cooperation with us, but the
arrival of Universal TV will make a big difference. We are very much
pleased that Universal TV another major broadcaster has joined us only
because of the promotion of Somali football” Somali FA president,
Abdiqani Said Arab, said in a statement on Wednesday.

The president also thanked the National TV and the production company Horn
Connect which will be working alongside them for playing a big role in
encouraging the football progress in the country.

However, Universal TV, a privately-owned Somali broadcaster will be doing
the live coverage independently, as they have already set up their
transmitters at Stadium Banadir.

Last week the first ever football match in the country was watched live on
the State-run television. This was a successful endeavor which attracted
the attention millions of Somalis and none-Somalis around the world.

Match information
Supper Cup Match, 2015
Heegan VS Horseed
Venue: Stadium Banadir
Date: 24/12/2015
Time: 14:45hrs. East Africa time

Somali Football Federation Media Department

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