Somalia’s new spy chief fired 1,500 intelligence officers

General Gafow who was intelligence officer during the Somalia’s military government has been appointed few months ago to be leader of this agency. New Somali federal government re-established the national intelligence service National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) .It was called National Security Service (NSS) was the primary intelligence agency of Somalia under the government of Siad Barre. Headquartered in Mogadishu, it existed from 1970 to 1990, when it was formally abolished. In 2013,

He vowed to reform the inelegance agency and fire 1,500 intelligence officers including high ranking officers in a new major shakeup of the country’s spy Gaafow1-174x131

Gen. Abdullahi Gafow accusing them of failing to perform their duties, including to contain the most feared terrorist group Al-shabaab.The new chief want re-organise and ‘re-energize’ the agency’s leadership and to employ very competent’ officers who defeat militants
The general relieved the Mogadishu to commanding office, Abdi hakim Farei, and appointing another one for his position .The agency need ‘new page’ from today say Gafow

It is well known that the Somali intelligence agency has suffered very deep divisions within the Somali intelligence agency even though they have a common enemy of al-Shabab which threatened with bombing and assassination against the upcoming Somali presidential election that is scheduled to take place in November 30.

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