Somalia's Al Shabab vows to revenge for Somali taxi driver killed by AMISOM * somalia, World News and Opinion.
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Somalia’s Al Shabab vows to revenge for Somali taxi driver killed by AMISOM’s militant group of Al Shabab has vowed to revenge for a Somali taxi driver who was hit and killed by AMISOM military vehicle in the road of Maka al Mukrama in Mogadishu.
In a statement posted online by several militants’ websites said that Al Shabab fighters were ready to launch attacks on AMISOM in Mogadishu because of the yesterday’s killing of a civilian man in Mogadishu by a military vehicle belonged by AMISOM.
“It shows how they do not care of the people.  They do not differentiate between who is war with them or not.” Al Shabab’s Ali Mohamed Hussein said in the statement.

“Every person in Mogadishu has his gun so take your gun and we are ready to help you to revenge for your brother killed by AMISOM.” he added.

Somali goverment and the AMISOM head apologized the yesterday’s fatal car incdent which resulted the death of a Somali taxi driver who was a father of seven children.

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