Somalia:Regional State supported state led overseas policy in Gulf crisis

The newly elect regional President of Hirshabelle, Mohamed Abdi Waare stated that the federal government has a constitutional mandate to oversee the foreign policy of Somalia.

He advised those regional state to respect the constitution of the country and noted that it defines the powers of the central government and its regional administrations.

“The policy of the foreign policy is the federal government’s role. The role of the regional administrations is only for advice and technical assistance,” said Waare, speaking to VOA.

Hirshabelle’s speech came as a result of the crisis in the Gulf of Aden and the federal government.

Galmudug administrations clearly stated that they are supportive of the Saudi alliance with Qatar, calling on the federal government to change its position on the issue.

Some regional governments, such as Galmudug, have been split apart after their top leaders and some have supported the position of the central government, and

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