somalia:Rebuilding Somali National Army (SNA)

Somalia’s leaders have realised that the training of SNA will greatly contribute to the stability of the nation’s future.  As part of the state rebuilding, the institutions of the security forces should be number one priority to be established- no peace no life.

Recently, Somalia’s top leadership has appealed to Somali people especially Somali Diaspora to help rebuilding SNA in order to defeat the enemy; bring peace and social confidence; secure country’s borders; and restore national bride.  In that appeal the government has made an emotional call rather to present an achievable plan.

However, to respond this appeal I think the best way to help is that the Government should introduce a short term income levy of $5 per $100 dollars received through remittances.

According to the World Bank two million Somalis living in the diaspora send approximately $1.4 billion back home annually.  The remittances contribute to 23% of Somalia’s gross domestic product (GDP) and surpass any amount of aid given to the country.  From the $5 levy government can raise approximately $70,000,000 annually.


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