Somalia:Outrage as Forces loyal to jubaland‘Kill one, Commit mass Rape’ in Kismayo

By Diini-Kismanyo-Somalia’s Interim Jubba Administration has commit a day light murder and raping any young women that they can get on their hands. This  horor has taken place in a small village near the state’s seaside capital on Saturday.

Col Abdi Rashid Mo’alin Gaas who is a senior Somali army commander in the city confirm the incident

Jubbaland soldiers is known to be undisciplined militia that  has committed such a large scale rape like this one before. They also had shot the unarmed people before in numerous time in kismanyo city.

The victim in this case  tried to protest the juba militia’s treatment with the girls but he has been shot in multiple times on the head outside a shopping mall in the area in front of the shoppers., according to a witness.

Mr Gaas said before the killing of the civilian person, Jubbaland forces have raped more six young girls after break8ng  into  their house in the city at gunpoint.

Jubbaland State  has been  reached for comment but they have declined to  deny    of comment our   repeated requests for   information about the accusations of the Somali army colonel.


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