Somalia:Outrage as children slept alongside dogs, while children of govt officials enjoy good lives.

Mareeg Media:A heart-breaking image of Somali children sleeping rough alongside dogs, somewhere in the lawless country, has led to public anger and triggered questions over the beautiful lives the children of Somali government officials are enjoying in Western countries.

The undated image which is said to be somewhere in Mogadishu, has gone viral on social media. The number of rough-sleeping children in Somalia is increasing and their living conditions are progressively worsening, while neither government officials nor the opposition politicians have so far stood to take care of them.

Some of the children are parentless, who lost both of their parents to either droughts or were killed in the endless armed conflicts in the country, while some others are from poorer families who cannot afford to feed them.

Somali rough-sleeping children are facing horrible living conditions which most of the people describe “unprecedented”. Everyday an uncountable number of children are seen while eating at the dumping sites in the outskirts of the capital Mogadishu, according to locals.

“It is really a very painful experience that these children in Mogadishu are living with dogs, while the Mayor of the capital will tonight spend tens of thousands of dollars in a ceremony marking on the 1st anniversary of his administration” said a prominent youth activist, Muna Hassan Mohamed (Muna Axlaa). “This is unacceptable; these children don’t have the right to live in such horrible lives. From where did the mayor earn that money and why not to use it in a positive way by buying food and shelter for these children? The youth activist asked herself.

As Somali children are experiencing such difficult living standards in the country, the children of nearly 95% of government officials including top leaders, and as well as opposition politicians are living beautiful lives in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and Scandinavian countries.

Before resuming office, all Somali officials normally take oaths of office on the Quran, pronouncing they will serve for the interest of the people, the country and the religion, but unfortunately they turn to the opposite direction and serve for their own interests.

Somali politicians live in five star hotels in Mogadishu and Nairobi. Their children are having excellent lives and top level education in Western countries, while millions of other Somali children are starving in front of the eyes of their leaders.

by Shaafici Islaw

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