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somalia:Nusoj welcomes the release of a news paper editor

A somali news paper Editor Mr Abdi Aden Guled has been release, by the Somali government on Tuesday October 18, 2016, around 8:30 PM local time.

Abdi Aden Guled was arrested by Somali Intelligence Agency (NISA) and shut down the offices of Xog-Ogaal Newspaper on Saturday 15 October 2016 around 7:00 PM.

After discussion with Somalia’s Head of Intelligence, NUSOJ finally succeeded that Abdi Aden Guled to be released unconditionally.

General Gaafow head of intelligence confirmed NUSOJ that they will give back all office stuff to the editor tomorrow on Wednesday.

NUSOJ leadership as led by its Secretary General, Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu had been advocating for the freedom of the detained editor and the resumption of work by newspaper offices.

“We are relieved by the release of our colleague,” Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu, NUSOJ Secretary General said,
“We would like to thank all colleagues, media organizations and international partners who contributed to the release of Xog Ogaal editor” Moalimuu added.

We are now getting that two other journalists working with Aljazeera English plus fixer and driver have been arrested by Somalia security agency in Mogadishu after they returned from outside Mogadishu despite we haven’t yet got any details about their arrest. Hamza Mohamed a prominent journalist in Somalia is among the detained.

NUSOJ has a lot of concern over limitations of freedom expression and fair reporting to the electoral process during Somalia’s ongoing elections therefore we, call upon Somali government leaders, heads of regional states, national security agencies and presidential candidates to respect and guarantee freedom of expression, freedom of media.

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