Somalia:New Southwestern administration to be formed in Baydhabo politicians, elders, women and civil society members are on the edge to announce the new administration which will administer Somalia’s Southwestern regions.
According to former Somali MP Madobe Nunow, the administration has now its flag and its constitutionadapted on 15th January by delegates from the six regions on the southwestern of Somalia.Bydhabo

More than 700 Delegates from the six regions including Jubba regions, Baay, Bakool and Lower Shabelle have been holding conference in the town of Baydhabo.

Madobe Nunow said the process which has taken more than a year has now come to its destination.

A two houses comprising the House of the Senate and the Parliament will be selected by the clan elders from the six regions which will be followed by the election of the new leader.

On Monday, a well organized ceremony in Baydhabo and attended by elders, poiliticians and Members of the Somalia Federal Parliament was inaugurated with a new flag for the Southwestern regions of Somalia.

This new state will join among several new states in the country who are waiting to be a legal federal states under Somalia