Somalia:Kismayu shows its support to the newly appointed cabinet

Kismayu ( — a well celebrated meeting was today held in Kismayu, the capital city of the lower Juba Juba region.

The well organized meeting was attended by intellectuals, politicians, religious leaders and members of the civil society who gathered in big numbers to show their Support to Prime Minister Abdiwali Sheikh Ahmed who recently named a new cabinet consisting of 25 cabinet ministers, their deputies and 5 state ministers.

Abdiqadir Isse Jama’a an intellectual who spoke to Shabelle radio after the meeting said that they strongly support the new lot of ministers and hopes they work together efficiently and effectively.

The Kismayu meeting follows several other meetings which were recently held in different regions in the country showing support for Prime Minsiter Abdiwali and his new cabinet.

by O.A.Osman