Somalia:Juba Regions Reconciliation Conference Communique

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06/11/2013( reference to the implementation of the Addis Ababa agreement on August 27, 2012,
the Somali Federal Government organised and hosted Juba people’s
reconciliation conference.

The Conference continued between 3 and 6 November 2013, with the participation of
200 delegates from the Juba regions. Delegates genuinely discussed on how to reach
lasting peace agreement among the Juba citizens, supplement to the previous
agreement signed in Addis Ababa.

Points raised and discussed in the conference deemed essential to peace-building
reconciliation process for Juba regions were:-

• Enhance on-going peace building and reconciliation efforts.

• Increase security, re-integration of armed groups and the fight against

• Move forward economic progress and social development.

After extensive discussion conference participants suggested the following:

**On Peace-building and reconciliation**

1. That, all parts accept the Addis Ababa Agreement in August 2013.
2. That, people of Juba strive to build consensus, forgive each other, settle
property issues, restrain provocations that can lead to conflict and send peace
message to the residents.

3. That, all stakeholders support the interim administration’s inclusive
structure to be completed in respect of the minority rights, and the Federal
Government should take a lead role on this issue.

4. That, the final phase of the reconciliation conference to be held in Kismayo.

5. That, the role of civil society in Juba regions to be strengthened.

**On Security Issues**

1. That, build the security institutions including; police force, military and
guards. Other sources of employment should be created for those who are not
ready to join the security apparatus.
2. That, a peaceful re-integration and redeployment of the Juba armed groups to
form unified force.

3. That, it is of the utmost important to meet the needs of the armed forces i.e.
salaries paid in a timely manner, provide appropriate training, advance
equipment provided, and re-establish the military courts.

4. That, operation to liberate areas controlled by Al-Shabab carried out jointly by
the Juba interim administration, Federal Government of Somalia and AMISOM

5. That, it is necessary to establish ex-militants demobilisation, disarmament and
re-integration canters.

**On Social Affairs**

1. That, develop and mobilise local available resources such as livestock,
agricultural, fishery and other natural resources, and encourage trade and private

2. That, re-establish education centres and vocational training centers.

3. That, establish quality public health services at the district and village level.

4. That, the Federal Government and the International Community give support to
Juba regions to meet its residents’ basic social services.


The conference delegates acknowledge the efforts of the Federal Government of
Somalia for its important role during the preparation of this particular peace and
reconciliation conference for the people of Juba Regions.

The conference delegates acknowledge the support by the international community and
specially the Government of Ethiopia for its tireless support throughout the peace

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