Somalia:Genocide against Wagosha People

Read Time:2 Minute, 21 Second the past two decates,there have been  statements recorded from  UNPOS in
Somalia that are relevant to the  topic of the Somali Chronic conflict.In Dec 1991,
then Secretary-General Javier Pérez de Cuéllar, after consulting incoming
Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali, he asked then Under-Secretary-General for
Political Affairs James O.C. Jonah to visit Somalia and become the first UN envoy
for Somalia affairs.
Mr Jonah was replaced by Algerian diplomat Mohamed Sahnuni, and then followed by
Ismat Kitani, who was appointed on 3rd November 1992. Others who followed include
Admiral Jonathan Howe, James Victor Gbeho, Francois Fall, Ahmadou Would Abdalla,
Augustine Mahiga and the current UN Somalia chief, Nicholas Kay.Except Amb Kay,they
all tried to solve the current situation(peace and war,Famine and drought,political
stability and democratic election in 2016, and economic progress) in Somalia.
Your Excellency,It’s shameful and hypocrisy on your statement on
Jubaland crises(,feel
free you can not distort the reality in Jubaland. Somalia has been in clan power
struggle and land graping a long period soon after the creation of the Somali
Republic in 1960.
Somalia is consisted of Ethnics(Bantu and Somali pastoral),and Clans and every clan
has to be given rights and equal opportunity on formation of these federal system so
far that does not exist in Somali.
We rejected Mogadisho outcome on Jubba talks, we call a reconciliation
between marginalize &persecuted people and the invaders(Warlord Ahmed Madobe and
Warlord Barre Hiraale) in Jubaland; Ahmed Madobe who is a refugee from Ethiopia’s
zone five cannot represent the people of jubba regions.
Your Excellency you were aware of thatThe Somali government has committed an
absolute mistake by trying to force the people of Jubba regions to support the
illegal and one clan dominated system of warlord Ahmed Madobe, and this will never
be accepted by our people.Your Excellency. try to read the files of UNHCR and
ICR record,you will see the massacre and other forms  of atrocities in 1991-1994( against  our people(Wagosha-Bantu) ;they
went village by village in allJubba regions(Goshen-Land), killing Wagosha people,
looting property and raping women of different ages including oldwomen and
children under 8 years old.The killing took place in all villages, in mosques and in
other worshipping places and almost 500,000 Wagosha people were killed in this
genocide, which the world has never spoken about.The world  and the international
community deal with biased reporting of available reliable evidence.
My question is : 1-What is the negative impact of your bias reporting?
2-Is Somalia ready for federalism  and democratic election
in 2016?

Eng Yarow Sharef Aden
Chairman  of Wagosha Movement of Somalia

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