somalia:Former Speaker vists the bydhabo town

Demonstration against the visit of former Parliament Speaker Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden has turned to armed violence after armed supporters exchanged fire.


The demonstration started today at midday after the former Parliament Speaker Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden went to visit Baidoa but angry people gathered at the airport of Baidoa where the plane carrying Sharif Hassan landed.


The demonstrators were calling the former Speaker, who is now a candidate for the most disputed administration forming of the South West state, not to enter the town.


“No Sharif Hassan, we do not want you, back to your original destination.” the demonstrators chanted as they set fire

The demonstration started peacefully but it soon turned into armed clash after supportoers of the six region administration of Madobe Nunow and others supporting the three regions administration of Sharif Hassan exchanged fire near the hotel Edan in the centre of the town.


At least one person was killed in the armed clash, while two others wounded.

  The government officials did not say anything on the armed clash in Baidoa, the regional capital of Baidoa