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Somalia:Federal Government Strengthen Accountability for somali army

PRESS RELEASE-Mogadishu, 15 December 2017 – The Federal Government of Somalia, who has long been carrying out public accountability to the government for the fight against corruption, has launched an investigation into the number of troops and payment of salaries to encourage the force to combat the war on terrorists.

As a result of an assessment of the Operational Readiness Assessment, the Somali Federal Government and the United States agreed to shortly restrict the support of the SNA troops to reform security.

The suspension is after the United States sent a research commission to the United States aid agency to the military in May this year to reform the army and to assure that assistance for our troops reach areas is allocated. The committee followed up to confirm the use of US assistance in the last few years.

When the Parliament approved the government led by Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khayre in April this year, we opened doors to our friends on the issues of the military to create a transparent and accountable system.

With this basis, the Federal Government set up an investigative committee to do the number and quality of military and police, their location and the device they have.

This issue is not affected by the agreement signed by the two sides on 5th of this month and the United States government provides special training sessions for the SNA.

It is noteworthy that the Somali Federal Government has begun to register our forces electronically and prevent the corruption of the salaries of the troops, confirming the number and quality of the force.

The Federal Government of Somalia is committed to reorganizing the army and financial institutions and strengthening transparency and accountability.

We thank the United States and other governments for our continued support of the Somali Federal Government, which is the last of the two signed agreements signed over the past seven months.

Similarly, we welcome the International Monetary Fund report last week that the Federal Government has  met on the IMF’s agreement this year to show confidence in the country’s financial institutions.


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