Somalia: Eleven referees promoted to B level

Read Time:1 Minute, 56 Second ELEVEN young age Somali Football referees have been promoted to B
level after they successfully practiced laws of the game, during Division
3 competitions for the past two years.

The referees who have been officiating the country’s 3rd division football
league since 2013 were awarded with 2nd level certificates for
professionally adopting laws of the game since after they joined the
Somali Football Federation Secretary General Hassan Mohamed Mohamud who
addressed at the promotion ceremony of the young referees organized at
Somali FA headquarters on the 21st of January 2015, said the federation
was fully satisfied with how the promoted referees implemented laws of the
games during matches they officiated for a period of two years.

Head of Somali FA competitions department and executive committee member
Mustaf Elmi Afrah told the ceremony that referees had done well over the
years and for that reason they were awarded with such a promotion.

“The SFF had only given you the opportunity to practice the laws of the
game you were taught, but you are the main cause for this promotion today,
because you did well and due that reason the promotion comes” Mr. Afrah
told during his remarks at the event.

At the end, Somali Football Federation senior vice president Ali Abdi
Mohamed urged the young age referees to redouble their efforts to be able
to ensure the ambitions they are pursuing.

“I know every one of you would like to culminate in international level
and you can only realise that dream when you have done extreme efforts
which can put you onto the way of success” the senior vice president told
the young referees.

“On behalf of SFF, I promise to you that we will do every possible step to
upgrade your knowledge and I am very happy that you did the right things
in the very beginning of your career from the day you joined this field”
the senior vice president added before the referees received their
promotion certificates.

The promoted referees are:
1- Mohamed Nur Mohiyadin
2- Said Ali Ahmed
3- Aden Elmi Mohamed
4- Yahye Said Mohamed
5- Qadar Abdi Bashir
6- Abdirashid Osman Ibrahim
7- Ahmed HassanHussein
8- Mahad Abdulkader Abukar
9- Abdullahi Ahmed Ali
10- Mowlid Rage Ali
11- Abdikafi Abdullahi Mohamed

By Omar Mohamud Wardere

Somali FA Meadia Team

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