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Somalia:Dozens killed after brutal violence erupts in Bal’ad to news reports from Bal’ad, a town in the Middle Shabelle region, a fierce confrontation erupted today between Local government militia including that was guarding district commissioner and police officers.

Officers from the Somali police force left Mogadishu this morning and were on the way to Jowhar, another town in the Middle Shabelle region, when they were attacked by military soldiers from the government on the main road near Bal’ad.

Although the precise numbers has not been specified yet, high-ranking officials and soldiers were killed in the intense clashes. The chief of the Somali police force for the Middle Shabelle region was also reported to have been slain in the ghastly skirmish.

The spokesperson for the Middle Shabelle regional administration claimed that the district commissioner of Bal’ad was responsible for today’s violence resulting in the death of many. According to the spokesperson, the commissioner named Osman Hadole ordered military soldiers to attack the police officers that were en-route to Jowhar.

Several battlewagons belonging to the police officers were seized before the physical encounter erupted shortly as they were passing Bal’ad, a distance of 30km from the capital city Mogadishu.

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