somalia:Constitution Review Commission Approved Minister Abdiwali Sheikh Ahmed chaired the cabinet’s session today where the Constitution Review Commission was approved.

The commission has 5 members and their names are Asha Geele Diiriye, Hassan Omar
Mahad-Alle, Osman Jama Ali alias Kalluun, Mohamed Abdalla Salah and Hassan Hussein
Haji. The Minister for Constitution and Federal Affairs Hon. Faarah Abdulkadir
praised the cabinet ministers for approving this commission.

Prime Minister Abdiwali said these members are learned people who know the work they were
assigned to. “We have taken a major step forward towards the building of the
government and the cabinet was today successful in the approving of the Constitution
Review Commission..”. The premier said.

Besides that the cabinet discussed thoroughly about the current security situation of
the country. In those discussions, it was decided that the cabinet sub-committee
to prepare within 24 hours activities for improving the security of Mogadishu. dalsanradio