Somalia:Banadir beach club restaurant attack, latest

The attack has started with a huge car explosion near the restaurant and 3 or 4 men fought their way onto the building, taking customers as hostages. However Somali elite forces have cordoned off the scene with in minute and launched an operation that lasted for 8-hours long into the midnight.

Somali security minister said the car bomb had failed to fully detonate and show  local reporters  a wounded man, with his head bandaged, as the bomber in nearby hospital. The Somali national news agency Sonna confirm some 20 people had been rescue  from the restaurant during the gunfight with the help of security forces.

It was unclear however how many, if any, customers and staff members remained trapped inside as the siege stretched into the nigh


The security force managed to rescue 20 people and and capture one terrorist alive with gun wound on his leg and killing 3 others on the operation

xeebta liido muqdisho


The dead is said  to include  3 Al-shabaab men , 5 restaurant worker as well as members from the security guards and the police.

Al Shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack, according to Sheikh Abdiaziz Abu Musab who spoke to Reuters by phone. He said they killed government officials in the attack.

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