Somalia: Baidoa Hospital Faces Shortage of Drugs In Badio General Hospital, there are many injured people from the car bomb that
exploded in the town two days ago.It has now been

reported that there is shortage of drugs and equipments in the hospital and

this is a major problem facing the medical staff there in the hospital, as they

cannot treat those injured people. Hassan Hussein Maxe who is the Finance

Minister of the Administration of the Three Region that was recently formed

spoke to Dalsan Radio about the matter. Referring to the injured, he called for

all the Somalis to assist their brothers and sisters who are suffering in

Baidoa General Hospital. However, the

administration of the three regions i.e. Koofur-galbeed

Soomaaliya or South-west Somalia brought some medical equipments to that

hospital even though they are drops in an ocean of needs.