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Somalia:An Open Letter to Ambassador Yamamoto

We, Somali/American citizens, are concerned, about the disastrous effects stemming from the Somali government’s, granting of commercial fishing rights to the Chinese fishing companies,, which is nothing more than  an extension of China’s growing ominous control and influence over the region. 

This give-away of Somalia’s natural resources  will impose serious economic damages to Somalia’s fishermen and fishing industry.  Moreover, it will have significant negative impact, on both the United States’ security interests and Somalia’s development as a sovereign nation.

We urge the American government, and others who are dedicated to Somalia’s future, to exercise their influence to convince the Somali government’s leadership that it is to the best interest of all stakeholders to preserve fishing rights for Somali’s fishermen. 

It is important to note that many have been working for several years, thus far without success, to form a Somali National Coast Guard, with the guidance and assistance of the U.S. Coast Guard, to protect and foster Somalia’s national economic development – the key to regional security.  Such assistance, if now rendered could prove to be the most effective means by which the United States Government can help to stabilize Somalia. 


Abdiaziz Amalo. 

Abdinasir Mohamed

Farah Hassan Abdi 

Abdiaziz Farah

Mohamed Osman

Abdi Abdulle

Rashid Mohamed 

Abdurahman Mohammed 

Nasir Mohammed 

Dr. Osman Mohammed 

Sahra Ali

Safia Mohammed 

Ubah Ali

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