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Somalia:Alshabaab suffered immense fatalities in bay regions intense violent confrontation erupted late last night near Awdinle of the Bay region between co-allied African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) and Somali National Army against Al-Shabaab terrorist insurgents.

As AMISOM and the Somali National Army were passing by Awdinle in a several vehicle convoy, fighters from the radical terrorist insurgency attacked the pro-government soldiers leading to aggravated clashes.

Residents reported to media that casualties and losses were sustained in the conflict that last for a few hours, although they cannot specify the precise number of loss fatalities in which AMISOM and Somali National Army soldiers suffered.

A military official from the Somali Federal Government in Bay region speaking on the condition of anonymity, commended the Somali National Army’s role in defeating the Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist cell and impounding their weapons before securing it at a military base near Baidoa, he told Mareeg media.

Furthermore, the Somali National Army backed by Ethiopian troops serving under AMISOM staged a surprise attack targeting senior Al-Shabaab officials in Qansahdere, a district within the Bay region after being tipped off by residents living near the town.

In Qansahdere, the radical group Al-Shabaab stepped up their military presence in the town due to the retreat of AMISOM and the government troops. The sudden invasion by the terrorist militia to increase their influence in Qansahdere was stopped short last night when the Ethiopian troops fired mortar shells at a distinct location alleged to house the Al-Shabaab officials.

Al-Shabaab was assumed to have suffered immense fatalities by the abrupt military offensives although government officials in the Bay region are yet to confirm the precise numbers. The Somali Federal Government or Al-Shabaab high-ranking officials are yet to comment regarding the physical fighting last night in Bay.

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