Somalia Tries to Come up With Tougher Laws on Illegal Firearms

In a cabinet meeting which was held
in Mogadishu on Monday, chaired by Prime Minister Abdiwali Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed,
the ministers discussed a lot the matter of privately owned weapons and how they
should be regulated. After the meeting, Ridwan Haji Abdiwali, the spokesperson
of the government spoke to reporters. He said the ministers praised the recent most
operations by the security forces in which weapons of different types and their
possessors were captured.



“There was a car loaded with explosives..but it had exploded before the planned
target. Their movements were being monitored. And it is true they were being monitored.
So thank God no one was harmed in that explosion”.
Mr. Ridwan said. “There were also operations in which the security
forces were recently recovering illegal firearms which sometimes find their way
to or sold to the peace spoilers’ groups of Alsbhabaab”.
He added.


Mr. Ridwan also said that the debate
on the regulation of illegal firearms is not over it. People who possess illegal
arms claim to be using such weapons while ensuring their own self-defence.  More on