Somalia: Thousands of Drought victims arrive in Mogadishu

More than two thousand displaced people arrived in Mogadishu last couple weeks, as famine situation worsening officials say.

Most of them left from regions nearby Mogadishu, the capital of the Horn of African country.

“I can confirm that more than 2 thousand affected drought arrived in a Camp set up in Kahda, south west of Mogadishu, mostly are Women, Children and Elderly.” Mohamud Sheikh Hassan, Coordinator of Somali Management Disaster Agency, (MDA) told local media.

“They don’t have Food, clean water and shelter, they live in desolate places, it must be helped otherwise we may see people dying starvation” Mr, Hassan added.

Team of journalist, visited camps that the displaced are staying in and talked to some of the drought victims.

“We have absolutely nothing left only famine and drought, we have lost all our belongings, we came here with clothes we wear” said a man who appeared middle aged.

Thinking about his sickly 60 days old daughter said.

“I don’t know what she’s suffering from, maybe it is living on bread and salty water from nearby well”.

Mr, Hassan, called the all the that who can helpit must be taken steps aiding to the victims.

3,9 Million people in Somalia are in a cute food aid, as the UN said.

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