Somalia: – The Terrorist attack in (Dalhiis Village) of Kismayo, in Southern Somalia on Sunday evening December 11, 2016.

FAHRO (Kismayo) on Sunday evening on December 11, 2016 – Fanole Human Rights & Development Organization (FAHRO) strongly condemns tonight the terrorist attack in (Dalhiis Village) in Kismayo that killed more than two
civilians and several others wounded on Sunday evening December, 2016.

The Fanole Center calls for the Somali government & Jubbaland Administrations to take action and opens urgent investigation and brings the perpetrators to a court of justice. No one claimed the responsibility of the attack and it’s not yet clear the reason behind the attack.

Due to these facts on the ground FAHRO is concerned that the possibility of Al Shabaab has responsible of the attack. Al Shabaab has strongholds in the Lower and Middle Jubba regions.

FAHRO calls for all those involving the conflict to respect the human rights and the safety of civilians, who have just involving recovered from sever drought and have nowhere to resort.

Fanole Center also condemns Al-Shabab militants have captured in El-Wak distract town in Gedo Region near the border of Kenya after Jubbaland Militias pullout on Sunday evening December 11, 2016..

FAHRO field monitoring indicates that Al-Shabaab fighters attacked the town from different directions late Sunday evening on December, 2016 and now controlled it to town. El-Wak is strategic town and the main supply route to the Kenyan troops operating conflict zones in southern Somalia particular in Jubbaland State.

“All sides (The Somali National Army, Jubbaland State of Somalia, the Kenyan army and Al Shabaab Militants) have been responsible violations against humanity as they did not respect civilians and fire indiscriminately, all these violations are documented and those responsible for will be accountable” said Mr. Ali Baashi the CEO & Chairman of Fanole Center.

Fanole Human Rights & Development Organization (FAHRO) call International Human Rights Organizations and the International Community to offer a helping hand on how bring to justice to those who are battling over the
innocent civilians and as well hampering the efforts to eliminate Al-Shabab and the other International terrorist.


CEO,Chairman of the Organization
Ali Egal
— —
Fanole Center

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