Somalia: The Tarzan Saga -It is now obvious that Tarzan is being sacked from his job as the Mayor of Mogadishu, the capital city of Somalia. In a bizarre twist of events for the Mayor of Mogadishu, without his knowledge, Mr. Mohamed Nur Tarzan was named Vice Minister of Sports and Youth in the new Cabinet Ministers announced last night while he is still a mayor and governor of Mogadishu. However, by law, he cannot assume a cabinet position without first being removed from his current position as a mayor.It is now obvious that Tarzan is being sacked from his job as the Mayor of Mogadishu, the capital city of Somalia. The motive behind this decision is very clear.The mayor is a straight talking man who is not afraid of calling a spade a spade. In doing so; he has disturbed some evil powers.In fact, recently he publically denounced some police commanders who protect their sons who are engaged in bootlegging homemade alcohols that contain human urine obtained from prison inmates. He described these police commanders as unfit for public security.Tarzan also denounced NGOs whose representatives in Mogadishu built structures that are useless in terms of serviceability, while they built themselves high rise buildings with the money stolen from these bungled projects.The mayor also took aim at Al-shabaab leader, Ahmed Godane for targeting Mogadishu with increased terrorist attacks, in terms of frequency and intensity as a personal vendettaThe sacking of the mayor of Mogadishu Mr. Mohamed Nur Tarzan could have a domino effect that could eventually topple President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s fragile Government. It’s a risky misstep that should be avoided especially at this murky period when the effects of the controversy surrounding the sacking of the former Prime Minister last month is still being felt in the capital and beyond.First, the appointment of a new Mayor from a member of the President’s tribe (which is most likely), will pit the sub-clans of that tribe against each other, opening old wounds. On the other hand, the other tribes might feel uneasy about it and express a strong adverse reaction. So, the new mayor might not be as effective as the current mayor Mr. Tarzan who is not seen as representing a particular tribe’s interest against some other tribe or clan’s interest.Second, for the population of Mogadisho, Tarzan represents the light at the end of the tunnel, a very popular charismatic Mayor and Governor who has restored the hope for the people suffering from more than two decades of lawlessness. His extraordinary leadership and consensus building ability allowed him to accomplish unimaginable tasks requiring taking tough decisions. As a result, Mogadishu is returning to be what it used to be before the civil war. Therefore, his removal at this time will be seen as a transgression and would likely result in public revolt.Abdinur Ali FarahToronto, CanadaEmail:

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