somalia: Somali government reconciliation minister optimistic 4 Djibouti talks

2008-05-15 13:06:01 Somali transitional government has expressed hope that  the talks between the government and the  it’s opposition that is going on in Djibouti will  end in agreement between the both sides.Speaking to media earlier on today the reconciliation minister of the government Abdi Risaq Askari has declared that his government will do any thing to achieve peaceful end to Somali crisis “ I hope that the talks will be abundant to sort out the deepening-disagreements between us and the opposition,” Mr Askari said.He added that the talk’s successful upshots would come depended on the concessions made by the two talking sides.“ We  passionately desire that the talks to ensue into a new political development and we are waiting for that” he said in the interview.As the government anticipates expectant results from Djibouti talks Hawiye clan and traditional elders have describes the talks in Djibouti as fruitless.The chairman of Hawiye elders Mohamed Hassan Haad told says  that their sides isn’t expecting an advantageous end results from the talks. In addition to he urged the Somali displaced people not consume the food that Ethiopian troops distributed yesterday  until the make sure it is not diluted with chemical. “ The Somalis living in and outside of the country aren’t supported those talks and its vain, we don’t support it” Mr Haad claims.This comes as the talks between Somali government and the opposition that is going on Djibouti did no mentionable result outcomes.