Somalia reinstates full diplomatic relations with Nigeria Hassan Sheikh Mohamud today welcomed His Excellency Akin
Oyateru, the Nigerian Ambassador to Somalia, to Villa Somalia.

Accompanied by Her Excellency Fawzia Yusuf Adam, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign
Minister, His Excellency Minister A. F. Okoh from Nigeria, and senior Nigerian
AMISOM police commanders, the Ambassador pledged his country’s commitment to
supporting ongoing efforts to stabilize Somalia.

Nigeria will provide security, military and intelligence support to Somalia, in
particular combating the terrorist group Al Shabaab, which has links to the Boko
Haram group in Nigeria. Nigeria has been participating in efforts to bring peace to
Somalia since 1991 and provided peacekeepers to the UNISOM mission. It currently
contributes a Formed Police Unit of Nigerian police officers to AMISOM in Mogadishu
and this may be extended to Kismayo in the future.

The President said: “Somalia is a country with a prolonged period of conflict
that has devastated the institutions we are now rebuilding. Nigeria is a highly
valued partner and friend of long standing. We are deeply grateful for
Nigeria’s support to AMISOM and the broader efforts to bring peace to our

The Ambassador presented the President with a letter from His Excellency President
Jonathan Goodluck of Nigeria to make an official state visit to Nigeria in early