Somalia: Prof. Baadiyow Condemns President Hassan for Attending Al- Inaugration Ceremony

In an interview with Dalsan Radio Professor Abdurahman Maalim Abdullahi alias Baadiyow said it is something to be sorry about that President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud attended the inauguration ceremony of the new Egyptian president, Abdulfatah Alsisi who he said killed many Egyptians and took power by force.

We as the members of Midnimo Qaran Party, our stand is very clear. We are sorry for President Hassan to attend a fake inauguration ceremony resulting from a fake election.

The Somalis and the Egyptian ties have been existing for thousands of years. The Somalis are supporting the Egyptian people and not a dictator’. Prof. Baadiyow said.  ‘There is no election which took place in Egypt. Armed men overthrew the elected government.


They also dismissed the parliament. Abdulfatah Al-sisi is ruling Egypt by force. We are bitter for our president to attend a fake inauguration. We say that was not something proper for our president to do. We are sorry and we are not happy with what he did. That is our opinion’. The professor added. 

It is remembered that before this election, the armed forces headed by Al-sisi overthrew the lawfully elected president Mohamed Morsi before Al-sisi resigning from his position in the army and contesting for election!