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Somalia for-warned Kenya to negotiated between 2009 until 2014

Where was Kenya when Somalia tried to negotiated between 2009 until 2014? Somalia for-warned Kenya on numerous occasions prior to its action of taking Kenya to court. By the way let’s neither lie nor claim that outside power are influencing Somalia. It’s the Somali diaspora that initiated the action, sponsor both by knowledge and money Somalia right at the ICJ.

By the way an ICJ having a Somali judge isn’t an issue. Kenya was offered an opportunity to reject the said judge but didn’t undertake the initiative because they couldn’t believe Somalia would take then to court because you have always owned Somalia politicians prior to farmajo. Why are you so desperate for the court to make the judgment what you got to hide lol.
Somalia would have liked to to negotiate but you ignored them now the case in the court you begging them to go back to politics? Let’s the court decide.

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