Somalia panorama: from autocratic rule to an anarchy era

Debate and dialogue on the street and drinking a cup of tea with laughing and glad free from stress and censuring of each other is became a current observable fact and culture of Somalia society.

The center attention of tête-à-tête basis on the state of Somalia as it is and which form of government is suitable to the Somalia society such as (democracy, autocracy, aristocracy, and government based on concept of Islamic state and so on) Any way a handful of Somalia’s rhetoric persons, laymen, and even some zealot intellectuals argued strongly that Somalis needs today a totalitarian person who return law and order and autocratic rule is more stable and profitable comparing with the anarchy and unrest state as we observe at the moment.

Furthermore it’s clear that after more than decades of autocratic rule transformed into an anarchy era Somalia’s today on the edge of dismemberment, disunity, and fragmentation. Like the road of independence was compound, up the creek and many people had sacrifices and lost their lives for gaining their self-determination Somalia’s today needs the same for stability and returning normality too. As a homogenous society Somalia quarrel was simple. It was staring from pasture, grazing land and water for rural area. The Somalia clan elders had the role to mediate their nomadic community and find out the remedy of this tiny misdemeanor between them. Today everything has been exaggerated, maximized and politicized.

However the Somalia State building, returning law and order, building credible governmental institutions, formulation its policy and building trust among Somalia community and their nomadic clans who had been at dagger drawn for years, improving Somalia foreign policy from regional of IGAD to the international community and checking diplomatically the states which are meddling Somalia’s internal affairs also is huge task and require a statesman and veteran politician who has profound moral conviction and genuine belief in liberty and human rights and the dignity of the Somalia society anywhere and everywhere not rhetoric and clan elders who are attending every conference of reconciliation and not producing any tangible remedy. It had been leveled all Somalia’s reconciliation conferences whether inside or outside of the country as the monkey business. I’m not criticizing the Somalia conferences but let’s give credit where it’s due.

In addition to that Somalia’s unfortunate political evolutions from mafia of Italian colonization to fragile civilian government, from autocracy of harsh ruler and totalitarian who rode on the power to the military coup to anarchy from anarchy to the state under mercy of every state on this planet. It’s the state rely on the world politically economically and sometimes socially. It is state under states.

Moreover selection of 2016, four point five formulas and federal has been the topics of along and heated national debate. These three are notorious topics. Although the federal government and its federating unit have reached a political compromise about the selection of 2016 and they reached an agreement which stated; the four point five as the selection model at the moment as well as the end of the four point five formulas after this term. In my personal view it’s necessary to ensure the constitutionality, legality and validity of their agreement.

It is agreeable by most Somalia society and lots there are no reliable evidence that the upcoming selection will be free and fair. They believe the selection of MPs will be contestable; Guiles and frauds will be normal practice during the selection of the clan elders or the committees and the upcoming months will be the quarrel one.

In the wake of crisis after crisis the Somalia politicians require to be vigilant about the future of the country. Somalia’s civil society, local state and federal government must to work closely in order to cross the current of stalemate. Working in the interest of the country, common goal and collective vision which driving the Somalia nation into peace, sustainable stability and opulence is need a talent groups devote to achieve these goals.

In supporting to that eliminating all the forms of corruption, nepotism and favoritism in all Somalia institutions starting of Somalia federal government and its federating department and even Somalia civil society and private companies can also play vital role for Somalia’s dignity and its institutional credibility locally, regionally and also globally.

In the end of my journey I suggest the following condensations:

Its admirable and appreciable of this political compromise for the 2016 selection by the Somalia leaders and their contribution of adequate and accountable mechanism to find a real and tangible remedy to this prolong political stalemate but both the incumbent of Somali federal government leaders and its federating unit must ensure the constitutionality, legality and validity of their agreement

The upcoming selection of 2016 which will be held after nearly 90 days must be agreeable by all and acceptable by all and respecting general will and will of all and not the interest of one clan, or a group whom seeking for the privileges of their own and marginalizing of the other clans which leading us in to the clash, wrangle of the Somalia community, resulting painful decision, social turmoil, misery, poverty and finally the erosion of the Somalia existence on the world map.

In the end I am not nodding to the totalitarian person and government by the degree and police state but I prefer the current government can control at least the capital fully and must to return law and order and prioritizing the priority is essential not the monkey business.

Researcher, political analyst and lecturer of some Mogadishu universities