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Somalia met all requirements of its debt relief according to IMF

As we all know, currency is a symbol for governance that distinguishes the nationhood of any sovereignty country.

The FGS is dedicated how Somalia’s new currency will be printed in the very near future while the Ministry of Finance earlier publicized the type of currency the country will possess.
Minister for Finance of the FGS, Dr, Abdirahman Du’ale Bayle when he was speaking of this subject, he said that they have agreed with IMF and put together a plan on how they can cooperate but that there is a need for a money required to print the new currency which the country will possess after good 30 years.

The printing, administering, distributing, maintaining and repairing when it wears needs money, however we are expecting these money from international community, said Dr. bayle. Only printing the new currency need 41 million dollars.

We are expecting the Somali government to get this money from International community, said Dr. bayle.

Without crashing corruption, how will these be possible?

The Somali public should also be part of the dedication of the FGS to eliminate corruptions.
Every single Somali individual to work upon seeking clean livelihoods no matter if you are business person, leader or civil servant
In fact, we cannot Say Somalia is free from corruption, it is there, but we need to look back where we are coming from and where we are at the present
What the Somali people know as “making working easier” which is the biggest corruption that exploits Somalia is what everyone should participate eliminating it.

A clear example of FGS dedication to eliminate corruption is that how it has dealt with members of the government who are accused of corruption and even how it has taken government officials to court for corruption cases alone. I would like to declare that the FGS alone cannot do anything unless the Somali public supports the course .

The process of Somalia debts relieve is in which phase?

To our knowledge, FGS owes too many debts, to relieve these too many debts, they are conditions required to meet in order to get eased from the debts, the countries and institution who Somalia owe the debt themselves have to adhere to the plan we have in place.

As a government, the President and Prime Minister and many government institution have been also engaged in the discussion on the issue of the debt, Somalia has been promised of debt relieve. We are expecting to achieve too many things.

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