Somalia leader condemn deadly attack on army base in Kismayo

Somalia president, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has strongly condemned deadly attack on military training center in the coastal town of Kismayo.

The bomb attack killed at least 25 people including soldiers and wounded 50 others. Three African Union trainers were among those wounded in the attack.

“The explosion which was used a car laden with explosives are part of terror acts that Al Shabaab wants weaken training of Somalia army”, Mr. Hassan Sheikh said.

Hassan called for an investigation into the attack on the army and how it was happened.

“The training base where Al Shabaab suicide bomber attacked, was going preparation of integration of Somalia forces” a statement issued from president’s office reads.

Mr. Hassan Sheikh stated that security of centers using as training bases for government soldiers would be tightened, in a bid to thwart Al Shabaab militants’ attempts.

The radical group of Al Shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it had killed over 100 Somalia soldiers including AMISOM forces.