Somalia: It Is Time To Change Course & Usher In New Leaders‏

Since 2004, Somalia has been led by leaders who have close relations with Ethiopia and Kenya and the political and social situations of the country has been deteriorating ever since.

The country is fragmenting into clan and tribal based enclaves who are at odds with each other putting national security, cohesion, unity and viability of the country into a very grave and worrying position. As things stand now, Somalia is on the path of balkanization, anarchy and the total domination by Ethiopia and Kenya.

Since President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud was elected on September 2012, the country is going downhill in respect of security, economy and cohesiveness. The current government has not achieved any tangible thing on the national constitution, fighting against corruption, building an independent national army, building governmental national institutions that works, establishing regional administrations based on fairness, holding national elections based on one vote, one person and so on.

The Amisom troops whose number is nearly 30.000 have not succeeded in stabilizing Somalia and rooting out so-called Alshabab militants but it appears as though the Amisom troops who came to Somalia in 2007 are not winning against the militants and there are reports that the Amisom military operation in Somalia has ulterior motives rather than bringing peace and stability to Somalia.
Most Somalis believe that the Amisom intervention in Somalia is being hijacked by Ethiopia as it is headquarters is in Addis Ababa and that Ethiopia and Kenya are not interested at all in creating an atmosphere of peace and stability that is conducive to resurrect a Somali national government that is able to govern a united Somalia.

The United Nations and the International community has failed Somalia over the last 25 years because it was denied to build its own national army, take ownership of its political and social affairs in order to reinstate its collapsed statehood and establish proper national reconciliation without foreign intervention.
The United Nation and the International community’s silence about the Ethiopian and Kenyan flagrant and aggressive military operations under the falsehood cover of the name of Amisom to humiliate and subjugate the Somalis is a crime and inhumane committed against the much suffered Somalis. The unlawful military operations by Ethiopia and Kenya with the help of western nations in Somalia has caused the deaths of thousands of Somalis and the displacement of millions inside the country.

In conclusion, it is apparent and without delusion to see that the Republic of Somalia is in the firm grip and domination by Ethiopia and those allied to it on every sphere of life politically and socially, and it is a strategy that will cripple Somalia in the short term but create more wars and instability in East Africa which will not be in the interest of anyone regionally and internationally. Most Somalis want the Ethiopia and Kenya military operations in Somalia to end immediately and both countries to stop their mischievous and heartless muddling in the internal affairs of Somalia.
As for the so-called presidential and national Deputies elections coming up in September 2016, I would strongly urge Somalis to elect someone who has proofed track record of individual honest, courage and patriotism. Somalia has had enough of weak and sycophant leaders who put their own interest before the national interest. Somalia needs leaders who have the guts to stand up for the dignity and the national rights of Somalia without fear or favor.

By Khayre Elayow