Somalia is ready to take advantage of the new UNSOM mandate

Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon today welcomes Ambassador Jan
Eliasson, Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations, to Somalia. He
congratulated for the launch of UNSOM and its new mandate supporting government’s
agenda of peace, security and nation-building.

“Somalia’s relationship with the UN is never stronger and we will take maximum
advantage of the new UNSOM mandate,” Prime Minister said. “Somalia has had no better
friend than the UN in recent years. You have been stuck with us through good years
and bad. And now we are making a new beginning. An effective partnership with the UN
is essential for the new Somalia”.

Prime Minister stated that the Somali government is very pleased with the UN
response to government’s call for a streamlined organization to deal with. We asked
for “a single UN door to knock on, and you have provided it,” Prime Minister said,
before announcing the establishment of the International Aid Coordination mechanism,
one way of making the most of the UN support.

“We have established an Aid Coordination Unit – this will help you help us”. Prime
Minister said. “We are committed to the principles of Aid Effectiveness, from aid
ownership and mutual accountability, to coordination and alignment with government

Prime Minister informed Jan Eliasson that the government is now in the process of
operationalizing the new deal compact, which was signed in Brussels Conference on
16th of September. “The New Deal is going to change the landscape for all of us with
regard to how we conduct our partnership and collaboration,” Prime Minister said.

Prime Minister pointed out that a significant progress is made in a short period of
time on security, governance, reconciliation and human rights protection. He also
stated that there are still significant challenges as Somalia continues to
stabilize. He urged international partners to support enhance Somali National
Security Forces capabilities to defeat Al-Shabab.

“We believe that Somalia’s peace and stability can only be ensured by our own
security forces. We have requested the Security Council to provide our National
Army Forces with non-lethal force enablers, including food, fuel and medical
assistance”. Prime Minister said, hoping that international community will step up
to support Somalia to secure its borders and head to a much better future.


Ahmed Adan
Prime Minister’s Media Office
Mogadishu, Somalia