Somalia: Hundreds of drought victims arrive in Beled-hawo

About eight hundreds displaced people arrived in Beled-hawo town southern Somalia recently , as famine situation worsening.

Most of them left from areas nearby the residents told

“I can confirm that about eight hundreds of people affected drought arrived in the city, mostly are Women, Children and Elderly” said Idris Garodi, Gedo region elders’ spokesman,.

“They don’t have Food, clean water and shelter, they live on their relatives, some of them beg people, it must be helped otherwise we may see people dying starvation” Mr, Garodi added.

“We have collected some contributions from Mosques, schools and commercial centers and we helped them” He said.

In addition to that, Mr, Garodi said, “there hasn’t been rain about three or four seasons and I think it’s worst famine hit in the region”.

3,9 Million people in Somalia are in a cute need of food aid, as the UN said.

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