somalia: Government forces prepare to recapture district

2008-05-21 12:39:25-Government troops in Mudug region have been making massive preprations to attack Al-Shabaab Islamists who captured the coastal district of
Harardheere two days ago.

The Puntland administration has organized at least 10 battlewagons and hundreds of troops in support from the transitional federal government of Somalia who are in parts of Galguduud and Mudug regions [central Somalia].

The government of Somalia has not yet commented on the capture of Harardheere town as Al-shabaab fighters invade many parts of south and central regions of Somalia.

Meanwhile, Al-Shabab Islamists have announced they will launch operations to combat pirates who hijack humanitarian vessels in the coast of Somalia.

Locals said the rebels were driving unarmed vehicles, but each fighter carried a rifle and other weaponry.

islamist commander told Harardhere residents that the Islamists would not allow illegal militiamen to set up extortion roadblocks in or around the town after they deeply entered in the town.

The commander, who did not identify himself, told locals that the Islamists would fight against piracy in the region.

The town of Harardhere lies along Somalia’s Indian Ocean coast and has been renowned in recent years as a hub for pirate activities

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