Somalia forms its first Badminton Federation. Somalia is increasing the number of sports contested in the country, the war-ravaged horn of African nation for the first time established a badminton federation.

Both the ministry for youth and sport and Somali National Olympic Committee have lauded for the formation of the sport which from mid this year will organize its first competition, according to Somali Badminton Federation General Secretary Bashir Ismail Isse.

Elected in early January 2018, the Somalia’s Badminton Federation was approved at the annual General Assembly of Somali National Olympic Committee, the country’s highest sports-governing body.

Somali NOC official in charge of federations Haji Mohamed Ahmed Olow, who spoke at the election of the new Somali Badminton Federation, said that the formation of the new member association was part of the ongoing efforts to increase the number of sport played in the country.

“Veteran officials who have long contributed to the country’s sport in different ways are now elected to lead the new federation and I am sure they will be able to develop Somalia’s Badminton” added Haji Mohamed Ahmed Olow.

On his side, a senior adviser to the minister of sport, Mr. Irabhim Hussein Ali (Roombe), said that Somalia’s government was very pleased with the ongoing development of sport in the country adding that the formation of the new sport is regarded as a milestone.

“As long as a badminton federation has never been active in the country before, we realized the necessity of establishing a badminton federation in Somalia and after months of hard work, we have been able to finally launch the sport” said Somali Badminton Federation General Secretary Bashir Ismail Isse, adding that the first ever badminton competition in Somalia is expected by mid this year.

The new federation’s constitution has been finalized and approved. According to the Somali Badminton Federation annual schedule, two development courses will be organized this year. They are a coaching course and as well as a refereeing course.The elected members of the executive committee of Somalia’s new Badminton Federation are here.

1. Ali Mohamed Hussein President
2. Mohamed Moallin Ahmed 1st Vice President
3. Fatima Ali Abdirahman 2nd Vice President
4. Abdullahi Jelyani Mohamed 3rd Vice President
5. Hassan Moalin Alasow Treasure
6. Abdi Mohamed Elmi Member
7. Abdulkadir Mohamed Dirshe Member
8. Said Mohamed Hussein Member
9. Mohamed Bashir Ahmed Member
10. Bashir Ismail Isse Secretary General
11. Mohamed Ahmed Nor Assistant S-General

By Shafi’i Mohyaddin Abokar

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